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Artificial intelligence for managers

September 29 — 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

This training is essential if you want to learn more about what artificial intelligence is, the origins of this technology, and how it has quickly become a pillar of the global economy, used by companies in all sectors worldwide.

By the end of this training, you will understand the major strategic role of AI in the digital transformation of companies and processes. You will also be able to identify the artificial intelligence solutions that will allow your company to achieve its strategic objectives thanks to the presentation of concrete cases from local companies.


1 day (6h)






This training will be led by an expert in artificial intelligence who approaches this technology from a business, management, and opportunity angle for companies.

It will take place over a 6-hour day in an interactive format. There will be exchanges with the participants in order to mobilize their experiences through illustrations. Simulations of AI solutions will be presented to immerse participants in concrete use cases of the technology.

Finally, a use case will be analyzed by the whole group in active pedagogy mode to illustrate the different facets (strategic, operational, and technological) related to AI in business.

Participants will leave the training with a toolbox that they can deploy within their company to make better decisions regarding AI projects.


More specifically, this training meets the following objectives:

  • Understanding where AI fits in the overall digital transformation
  • Recognizing that AI technology generates a large market
  • Discovering the link between artificial intelligence, cloud, IoT and BigData
  • Learning what artificial intelligence is from a technological point of view
  • Exploring the main uses of artificial intelligence by sector
  • Identifying the AI solutions that would be useful to your company and the related budgets
  • Becoming familiar with the different components and stakeholders of an AI project

Target audience

General managers, directors or managers of sales, marketing, purchasing, logistics, finance, operations, communication, human resources, business intelligence, managers and account managers.


1. The role of AI in digital transformation

  • Digital transformation and the key technologies involved. Introduction to the 4 major technologies involved in digital transformation: Cloud, Blockchain, IoT & Big Data and artificial intelligence
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence and generative relationship with IoT, BigData, and Cloud

2. Artificial intelligence: the disruptive innovation of the 21st century

  • Artificial intelligence from an economic perspective. Key economic indicators of the AI market, industry leaders, trends, and outlook
  • Origins of this technological innovation. Key insights into the origin of AI and the conditions that have fostered its rise as a pillar of the global economy in the 21st century
  • What is artificial intelligence from a technological point of view? Introduction to algorithms, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
  • The main applications of AI by sector. Presentation of segmentation by sector benefits (manufacturing, heavy industry, retail, entertainment, mass distribution, medicine, pharmaceuticals, insurance, banking, etc.)
  • Characteristics of an AI project in a company

3. Introduction to AI project management: keys to managing your own AI projects

  • Expertise is necessary for a successful team
  • The daily life of data science professionals
  • How to start an AI project and introduction to agile AI
  • Splitting your project to ensure its success and an introduction to the AI roadmap
  • Minimum Viable Model and its role in the design process of an AI solution
  • Introduction to the concepts of monitoring, maintenance, and re-training

4. Illustration and strategic reflections on a current case

  • Practical application and reflection on business strategy and project management
  • Acquisition of AI analysis reflexes
  • Familiarization with the AI toolkit for managers


4115 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec H1W2Y7
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