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Agile AI - Accelerate Value Delivery

Unlock your delivery team’s potential to add value with any artificial intelligence project.

To remain competitive and to follow a fast innovation cycle, your company must learn how to deliver value with your artificial intelligence (AI) projects and to get the most out of these technologies.

But how do you ensure efficient, and frequent value delivery? How to plan your projects in order to succeed with AI and deliver concrete results? Even better, how do you deliver this value quickly?

This training aims to demystify the concepts of AI to build your teams and projects on solid foundations and to learn the best practices to deploy value thanks to agile AI.

Target Audience

This hands-on training is for managers, project managers and team members looking to understand how to plan and deliver value through artificial intelligence in their business and their industry.


  • Demystify the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence
  • Understand the core notions of agility in AI
  • Learn how to plan AI projects to quickly deliver value for your business
  • Avoid the most common pitfalls
  • Develop your team’s skills through hands-on workshops


AI Fundamentals
Understand the business concepts and the main differences between artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data and data science.

  • AI and machine learning 101
  • Data science at the heart of innovation

Fundamental concepts of agility for AI
Understand the basic principles of agile methodologies applied to AI and how to deliver your projects and build your teams.

  • Theory and basic principles
  • Manage requirements and change
  • Roles and responsibilities

How to apply agile principles in AI projects
How to use agile principles to deploy value iteratively and incrementally in your AI projects quickly.

  • Implement the “HumanAI” vision in your business
  • Efficient planning and execution of projects
  • Differences in team structures

Hands-on workshops – Agile AI
Each course is adapted to the context of the participating companies. These hands-on workshops will teach you how to quickly get started with AI in your business.

  • Activity: discover the right business issue
  • Activity: how to structure your teams to deliver an AI project
  • Activity: how to properly split an AI project

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  • 1 Day
  • 895$ / person

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