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Artificial Intelligence for Executives

Understand and implement artificial intelligence to generate concrete results in your business.

With the acceleration of the innovation cycle and to remain competitive, your company must integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its processes. Today. Your competitors are doing it, not to mention the AI-born companies that are already shaking up the business world.

But how do you prepare your business? Is it possible to take advantage of AI projects today? How to succeed with AI and deliver concrete results?

Business leaders’ expectations are very high, and experts in the field are making many, many promises.

This training aims to demystify the basic concepts of AI and addresses the implementation of these technologies at a business level.

Executives need to understand that becoming an "AI company" is as much about culture and change-management as it is about dazzling technology.

Norm Judah, Microsoft Services CTO

Target Audience

This hands-on training is aimed at business leaders, executive team members and managers looking to understand how to take advantage of artificial intelligence in their business and industry.


  • Demystify the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence
  • Learn how to start AI projects and quickly implement them in your business
  • Discover concrete AI cases specific to the participants’ industry
  • Find the right strategy to implement and accelerate the adoption of AI in your business
  • Understand how to sell AI projects to stakeholders
  • Avoid common pitfalls


Fundamentals Understand the business concepts and the main differences between artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data, and data science.
  • AI and machine learning 101
  • Data science at the heart of innovation
  • Concrete case studies
AI in a business context How to create an AI-ready culture and define the best strategy to approach it according to your business context.
  • Create an AI-ready culture
  • How to define the right AI strategy for your organization
  • Succeed with your artificial intelligence projects
  • The importance of visualization and storytelling
  • AI Technologies 101 – What’s required to deploy an algorithm
AI in YOUR business context Each course is adapted to the context of the participating companies. These hands-on workshops will teach you how to quickly get started with AI in your business.
  • Workshop 1: Address a concrete business problem with AI
  • Workshop 2: How to structure your teams to deliver an AI project
  • Workshop 3: How to prepare an AI project

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  • 1 Day
  • 895$ / person

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