Why we do what we do

Empowering businesses with artificial intelligence

We want to drive companies through the concrete and relevant use of AI. We firmly believe that it will come from the democratization of AI and its tangible application and impact.

This is why we get up every morning.


I analyze the business contexts of organizations to create with them and our team of experts solutions that will bring them value. My passion for efficient processes is reflected as much in my work as in managing my pantry. If you’re looking for me on the weekend, I’m probably hiking somewhere!

Luc Veillette


I support companies in integrating AI into their operations and accompany users in appropriating and accepting its transformative projects. Passionate about engineering and an admirer of what it has allowed humans to accomplish, my main hobby is to find every possible reason to explore new ideas, sometimes successfully!

Jean-Baptiste Garibo


I’m the plumber of the digital world, making sure the data pipes are always clear and the flow of information runs smoothly. My job is to design, clean, and transform data to make it digestible for our AI solutions. Otherwise you’ll probably find me playing sports or video games.


I generate creative opportunities to showcase Moov AI’s culture, colleagues, and good ideas. I love bringing people together and creating unforgettable moments.

Sarah Bérubé


Although I can’t predict the future, forecasting gives me the feeling of being able to offer our customers a head start. I develop innovative solutions for various projects. While I enjoy optimizing my algorithms on a daily basis, I also take advantage of my free time to maximize my daily vitamin D intake in the sun.
Sebastien Montplaisir


I create value for our clients by helping them automate, optimize their operations and analyze their data. As a lifelong sailor of the St. Lawrence, I always find it sunny on a sailboat, even when it rains.

Maxime Boissonneault


I am a contributor to the company’s strategy and business development. I believe that, surrounding myself with the best people is the key to success, both for the company and for my own development.


My role is to design the data infrastructures needed to run AI solutions at customer sites.
In my spare time, I like to take photos and be in nature.


I am AI enthusiast dedicated to supporting companies with concrete AI solutions. Believing in the endless possibilities and value of this transformative technology. When I am not doing so, you may find me working on an a car or a motorcycle, snowboarding or running.


As a data developer intern, I help to craft robust data infrastructures to deliver innovative solutions to our clients. Driven by an eternal curiosity, you’re as likely to find me lost in a book as you are to see me on a golf course or tinkering with micro-controllers!


I help the team build a people-centered organization and foster an environment conducive to healthy work. For me, the real strength of an organization lies in the people who make it up.

David Lemay, scientifique de données chez Moov AI


During the week, I use artificial intelligence to imagine sustainable business solutions. On my days off, I use my hiking boots to discover new peaks to climb.

Justine Filion


Using machine learning, I leverage our clients’ data to provide AI solutions that best meet their needs. An avid road tripper, I always make sure the music is loud enough so I don’t hear myself singing at the top of my lungs.

Jordan Rowe


I help companies achieve their business objectives while making sure we, as a team, bring value to their end-users using an AI-powered solution. In my spare time, you can find me trying to improve my golf skills or finishing my endless backlog of video games.


My role involves analyzing the context of businesses and guiding them in identifying their artificial intelligence needs. Outside of work, I embark on an endless quest: finding the best iced matcha in Montreal!


I’m a data developer who enjoys the digital world as much as nature. When I’m not deploying AI solutions, I spend time bouldering. I’m always looking for the perfect balance, whether it’s in my code or on a climbing wall!


I facilitate project delivery to ensure the big picture always stays in focus when creating value for our clients. Outside of work, you can usually find me playing outdoors!

Daphné Lafleur


I analyze data to design AI solutions to show how human and machine skills complement each other. In my spare time, I like to play guitar and do all kinds of puzzles.

Laetitia Lachat


Every day I design data flows with the objective of helping companies to get the most out of their data. I’m a tea addict and love watching romantic Christmas comedies.


I work every day to create an organization that fosters collaboration and enables all its members to achieve their full potential. I’m passionate about people and technology.


I help companies solve their business problems by analyzing their data and coming up with actionable insights.

On the side, I like to go hiking to discover new places and end the day with a beer tasting at a local microbrewery!


My role is to support organizations in their digital transformation by seamlessly orchestrating the development and integration of AI solutions. In my free time, I practice my agility skiing on the snowy slopes of Quebec.

Dave Bérubé


I guide and provide future colleagues to provide them with an awesome experience from the moment they apply! I love video games, hockey and bacon!


I assist clients in their adoption of AI by developing the best machine learning models based on their data and needs. I am a travel enthusiast with over 25 countries visited so far. I also engage in several sports, including volleyball and soccer.


I set up infrastructures that facilitate the management and transportation of data, enabling our clients to extract maximum information from them and utilize it to its full potential. An enthusiast of various crafts, I spend my free time bringing my creative projects to life… when I’m not escaping on a hike or camping trip!



I develop and grow Moov AI’s brand and my colleagues external image. I take great pride in making the humans around me shine.

Emilie De Carufel


I bring people together to not only challenge themselves, but to bring unconventional ideas to life. All with a touch of funk, lots of humor and a healthy dose of organization. Why not add some ambiance with lights, colorful fluorescent and good electro music?


I thrive on the challenge of making sense of complex data and transforming them into valuable insights for clients. In my free time, I’m hanging out with my four-legged friend, Bruno, or cooking a big meal and thinking about the ideal wine pairing.


I collaborate with our partners to identify their reinvention opportunities offered by AI and develop a transformation strategy, which includes responsible AI management, to maximize impact and ensure perennial success. I love discovering new restaurants and cafés, enjoying the sun on my bike and hot yoga!

Olivier Blais

Olivier B.

I help companies make better decisions more efficiently with AI. I’m a geek with a passion for AI and believe it can generate significant long-term benefits. I’m a fan of motorcycles, guitar, good beer and travel!


I contribute to enhancing the operational efficiency of businesses with AI. My role involves creating work environments conducive to innovation, where expectations are clearly defined, understood, and exceeded through AI. In essence, I am passionate about AI, while also being an enthusiast of motorcycles, climbing, and traveling!


I accompany colleagues, clients, and partners to live the Moov AI experience. Passionate about people and their behaviors, I love building relationships with people. As a gourmet, nothing makes me happier than enjoying a good meal surrounded by good people!
Olivier Cabanes

Olivier C.

I am a seasoned entrepreneur and I bring my experience of victories and defeats to make our company better. With Moov AI, I have a deep desire to build a very different organization and I fully live the values that drive us!

Ny Ony Razafindrabe

Ny Ony

I analyze data and build machine learning models that clients trust to improve their business processes and outcomes. My mood is always uplifted after a good jamming or dance session, intentional conversations, and sometimes basking in the sun.


I support organizations in their adoption of AI by helping clients scope, plan and organize their AI projects, from ideation to implementation. After working hours, I enjoy gardening, crafting and camping.

Simon Shaienks


I help companies design better and more robust models. My guilty pleasure is …singing Celine Dion songs at the top of my lungs!


I balance art and science to drive data and AI innovation in the enterprise. By empowering individuals and facilitating informed decision-making, I work at creating a significant impact on both customers and businesses, with a focus on inclusivity and responsible IA.

Thomas Beaumann


I develop data infrastructures to deploy high-performance, scalable and sustainable AI solutions for our customers.

My hobbies: sports, traveling and sharing a good meal with friends!

Liudmyla Kotusenko


I help our clients to implement their AI projects and get the best insights, predictions, and recommendations from their data. I love caring for the plants and discovering new places on my bike.

Christophe Lamarche


I apply the best techniques to implement solutions that will leverage your data. I’m always willing to help so that everyone has a good day.


As Director of Finance, I ensure rigorous financial management and provide my colleagues with rich and reliable information to assist them in decision-making. When I’m not in front of my Excel spreadsheets, there’s a good chance I’m either climbing a mountain or hitting a golf ball.


I help clients by creating optimal solutions using recent advancements in the AI domain. I love night walks with soft music on and watching dramas especially Korean ones.


During the week, I devote myself to creating machine learning models to optimize our customers’ sales performance. But at the weekend, I switch to road bike mode, where the only data I measure is distance covered and speed reached.



Imagining, thinking, and creating drive me each morning to enhance my skills in marketing and communications! If I’m not engrossed in creation, you’ll probably find me traveling the world or savoring a coffee at a café terrace.

A more human organization

Since day 1, we have been working on creating a more human organization.

The key to achieve this is to build a supportive context to help each individual grow. 

This is the DNA of Moov AI.

The principles that guide our actions and decisions on a daily basis are:

  • Agility is in the center of our projects;
  • Putting forward transparency #nobullshit;
  • Practice positive mindset , twist problems to see solutions);
  • Share our knowledge and our wealth.
We have fun together

Reach out! We're always looking for skilled and inspiring people.

We want each individual to show up at the office and on screen as their authentic self, without having to wear a “professional persona.”

Our offices are located in the vibrant Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood in Montreal. We have a hybrid office/remote work model and we truly believe that family comes first.

(And we also have insurance, running/cycling clubs, flexible schedules, self-managed days off, etc.)

Moov AI office is located in Montreal, Québec
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