The truth about artificial intelligence applied in the business world.

Olivier shares his business expertise on artificial intelligence applied to enterprises in conferences and keynotes.

AI is already disrupting the business world. Imagine the possibilities when we'll apply it for real.

Olivier Blais

Olivier is co-founder and VP of decision science at Moov AI. He is the editor of the international ISO standard that defines the quality of artificial intelligence systems, where he leads a team of 50 AI professionals from around the world.

His cutting-edge AI and machine learning knowledge have led him to implement a data culture in various industries and support digital transformation projects in many companies such as Pratt & Whitney, Metro, Sharethrough, Merck, and Premier Tech.

He is a mentor for AI for Creative Destruction Labs and coaches several start-ups. As a speaker, his topics of choice are adopting and applying AI and responsible AI.

Olivier co-author of a patent for an advanced algorithm that evaluates a borrower’s creditworthiness.