We solve your business problems with artificial intelligence

We combine business acumen, data, and artificial intelligence to generate results that drive your organization. Today.

We prove that AI delivers a world-class growth

We help you discover the best AI opportunities in your context.

Together we build solutions that increase your efficiency, your revenue, and mitigate your risk. We determine the optimal approach and guide you through the process.

We've propelled these organizations with artificial intelligence


Increased revenue and reduced food waste by predicting in-store demand.

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec
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Ricardo fait confiance à Moov AI pour son intelligence artificielle

Why Moov AI?

Revolutionary technologies, proven methodology

We guide you in every step, from opportunity discovery and funding requests, to change management and delivery of the AI solution.

Our approach is based on the agile framework in software development. Our projects have a start date, clear milestones, and an end date.



Exploration & ideation

We guide you from where you start

Each company has a different level of maturity when it comes to AI. Our goal is to skillfully support you towards applied AI projects.

We help you uncover the best opportunities and their benefits according to your context through our strategic workshops.


Project execution

Quick and tangible results with AI

It’s amazing how even a marginal gain can have an incredible impact on your organization’s performance.

We deliver that gain ASAP and build your solution around it. Our solutions solve your business challenges and improve your decision-making processes.


MLOps & solution evolution

An AI solution is much more than a great model

We seek the highest AI quality standards for your model, ensuring excellent stability once it is deployed in production.

To keep your models relevant, we use our product, Snitch AI, coupled with an evolution plan that we elaborate based on your business needs and internal capabilities.


Manage the change brought by a disruptive technology

Our team of expert consultants has seen it all: we’ve experimented, failed and had transformative success. This experience allows us to assess and mitigate the potential impacts of a disruptive technology like artificial intelligence.

Our strategic workshops ensure that confidence and adoption in the solution are at the core of all efforts.

We created the tool that validates the quality of machine learning models

We are obsessed with delivering quality models that have real impact to our customers. That’s no understatement.

Based on Moov AI’s quality framework, we’ve developed a product that allows practitioners all around the world to validate their own machine learning models.


Let's talk about your AI ambitions

Moov AI clearly understood our business needs and worked with us to imagine how AI would make our tool thrive and significantly improve learning. The added value for our users is enormous.

Julie Castonguay
Cofounder and CXO

The Moov AI team were able to mitigate risks and defuse potentially critical situations to ensure the delivery of our solution.

Laurence Dolbec
Producer, Interactive Studio
Office national du film du Canada - National Film Board of Canada

The collaboration was so positive that we are now exploring ways to push the use of technology they mastered for a phase 2.

Daniel Morin
Magasin Général

We surround ourselves with the best

Our multidisciplinary project teams always include data scientists, data engineers, software engineers, MLOps experts, and AI delivery managers. Our main goal is to provide out-of-this-world experiences in every aspect of your relationship with us.

Mathieu Lachance


Data Developer
Data developers build the data infrastructure that supports and enables our AI solutions in multiple client environments.


Data Scientist
Data scientists analyze and interpret complex data sets and modelize it into a machine learning algorithm to make a prediction.
Nelly Harvey


AI Delivery Manager
Delivery managers support change management and ensure the solution meets the highest quality standards, budget, scope and timeline.

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