Artificial Intelligence


Moov AI

/mo͞ov ā ī/

Montreal-based company born out of the desire to bring the power of artificial intelligence & machine learning to the service of businesses.

We Deliver.

Too often, AI projects are shelved, not for technological reasons, but because nobody knows how to handle the results. We’ve been there.

After years of experimentation, failures, and transformative successes, we decided to create Moov AI to deliver results and create value.

We get up each day to have an impact and to implement these transformative technologies once and for all in Quebec businesses.



Olivier Blais

VP Data Science

Olivier is a data science expert whose leading field of expertise and cutting-edge knowledge of AI and machine learning led him to support many companies’ digital transformations, as well as implementing projects in different industries.

He’s a mentor for Creative Destruction Labs’ Artificial Intelligence Stream and helps startups succeed AI. He speaks about digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

He has led the data team and put in place a data culture in companies like Pratt & Whitney Canada, L’Oréal and GSoft.

Olivier is the laureate of the prestigious “30 under 30” prize (Infopresse – 2019). He is co-author of a patent for an advanced algorithm that evaluates the credit worthiness of a borrower.

Olivier Cabanes


Olivier is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with more than 15 years of experience starting and building companies (mostly tech).

He founded and manages Kabina, a private investment fund that invests in companies like Amilia, Frank & Oak, Jogogo and Unito, as well as funds like Panache and Real Ventures.

Kabina also makes private loans, and owns, develops and operates a portfolio of quality real estate assets in Montreal.

Olivier Cabanes
Dominic Danis

Dominic Danis


Dominic is a manager and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience leading teams and delivering quality projects.

Agile Coach and associate of Pyxis Technologies at first, then COO for Sharegate, the flagship product of GSoft, he helped organizations set up efficient and agile processes. All with a very human-focused approach.

As Nexus Innovations’ VP Operations, he drove the company to profitability and helped develop autonomous, motivated and successful teams.

Guillaume Petitclerc

VP Culture et Marketing

Guillaume is a seasoned digital marketing expert and team coach.

He has been Marketing Director of Sharegate (GSoft) and of Urban Turtle (Pyxis Technologies), where he helped managed marketing strategies for products that grew to $80M+ in annual recurring revenue.

As a consultant, he helped more than 15 companies improve their digital marketing, find the right traction channels and build successful marketing teams.

Working at Moov AI

Moov AI provides a healthy work environment that encourages all employees to express themselves and experiment (for real).

We strongly believe that having healthy debates, with a wide array of point of views around the table, pushes ideas further and allows us to deliver exceptional solutions for our customers.

We’re guided by those main principles:

  • Agility is at the center of our projects
  • Put forward transparency
  • See solutions in the problems
  • Generously share our knowledge

We are always looking for the best candidates to work with us.