Why we do what we do

Empowering businesses with artificial intelligence

We want to drive companies through the concrete and relevant use of AI. We firmly believe that it will come from the democratization of AI and its tangible application and impact.

This is why we get up every morning.

Mai Anh Tran-Ho

Mai Anh

I am the glue between our clients and our experts to achieve a common goal using artificial intelligence. The smell of french fries or the sight of a plant soothes me deeply.
Blanche Francheterre


I help my colleagues in the preparation and analysis of data for our client projects. As a French expat, I found my home in Quebec.


I support humans from all walks of life in the creation of collective software works with a scientific flavor. In my spare time, I like to optimize my fridge in multi-objective mode, play video games where you can turn all the rocks over and use asymmetry as a general concept.

Laurence Danis


I work hard to keep our environment stimulating and tidy. Always looking to learn more about the world around me, I describe myself as very curious.

Jean-Luc Sanscartier


I initiate growth in our partners and in Moov AI. I’m always looking for win-win situations. Need advice on microbreweries or coffee shops around the world? I am your man!

Nelly Harvey


Through the expertise of our teams, I guide our clients to implement Machine Learning solutions in order to serenely and efficiently reach their goals. I have an endless curiosity and passion for culture and new technologies.
Sebastien Montplaisir


I create value for our clients by helping them automate, optimize their operations and analyze their data. As a lifelong sailor of the St. Lawrence, I always find it sunny on a sailboat, even when it rains.

Nicholas Morel


I help organizations identify the right AI projects and guide them through the generous grant landscape in Canada. Golf enthusiast by summer, I hibernate during winter.

Pedro Garcia Fontova


I improve the decision-making process of our clients by creating and implementing useful solutions. I enjoy being in nature, surfing or camping in the mountains, and I am passionate about personal development.


I love data and I hate waste. I deliver projects that help companies become more efficient and effective. I speak several languages, drink a lot of beer and play many sports.

Étienne Boisvenue


I think about the implementation of techniques to ensure the quality of AI projects, both for our clients and for Snitch AI. My goal every day is to uncover the unknown and instill confidence in the use of AI.
Dave Bérubé


I guide and provide future colleagues to provide them with an awesome experience from the moment they apply! I love video games, hockey and bacon!

André Lachance


I build the data required necessary for the operationalization of AI. As a food lover, I’m the official BBQ Chef of the happy hour.

Olivier Daneau

Olivier D.

I support clients in setting up infrastructure for data management and model deployment. I organize my life around skiing in the winter, and in the summer, I wait for the snow to return and skiing again.
Megan Danis


I support the team building a post-conventional organization and grow the fertile ground to create a healthy work environment. I believe that the strength of an organization lies in its people.

Guillaume Petitclerc


I develop and grow Moov AI’s brand and my colleagues external image. I take great pride in making the humans around me shine.

Christian Mérat


I use technology in all its forms to solve real problems. Building and accomplishing together is what makes me tick.

Olivier Blais

Olivier B.

I help companies make better decisions more efficiently with AI. I’m a geek with a passion for AI and believe it can generate significant long-term benefits. I’m a fan of motorcycles, guitar, good beer and travel!
Marie-Odette St-Hilaire


I help our clients answer tough questions with data. What motivates me? Contributing to the adoption of data literacy. My nickname? Lady Data.

Mathieu Lachance


I help build Snitch AI, which allows companies to validate the quality of their machine learning models. I love learning more about the different technologies surrounding product creation and AI!
Liudmyla Kotusenko


I help our clients to implement their AI projects and get the best insights, predictions, and recommendations from their data. I love caring for the plants and discovering new places on my bike.

Rose Brunelle


I support Moov AI’s promise of transparency by designing internal dashboards. I like to play outside: in the mud, in the snow and in the water. My motto: when in doubt, say yes!

Alexei Nordell-Markovits


I have years of experience translating business needs and impact into technical projects as well as coaching the teams who execute them. In my spare time I like researching random facts such as: why do seagulls squawk so much?.


By leveraging data, I help our clients create reliable and successful AI models. If I’m not coding, I’m probably in the middle of a Spikeball game or rollerblading!

Alexandre Ouellet


I coach my colleagues and our clients in the operationalization of data science. Unquenchably curious, I have many interests: woodworking, prestidigitation, indie video games, and unusual songs.
Christophe Martin


I support our clients in their data science and modeling challenges. For me, a week without practicing sports is inconveivable.

Simon Shaienks


I help companies design better and more robust models. My guilty pleasure is …singing Celine Dion songs at the top of my lungs!

Olivier Cabanes

Olivier C.

I am a seasoned entrepreneur and I bring my experience of victories and defeats to make our company better. With Moov AI, I have a deep desire to build a very different organization and I fully live the values that drive us!

Donald Brosseau


I guide organizations to understand their potential in artificial intelligence and I accompany them in planning opportunities that will generate concrete projects. Epicurean, my favorite activities are cooking and splitting wood!

Dominic Danis


I am spreading the fertile ground for growing a post-conventional organization where everyone can be themselves and where power and responsibility are shared with everyone.

Maxime Boissonneault


I am a contributor to the company’s strategy and business development. I believe that, surrounding myself with the best people is the key to success, both for the company and for my own development.
Félix Chrétien


I develop solutions to measure and improve the performance of AI models. I am particularly happy when I make sense of data and when I read, especially near a lake in my native Mauricie.


I’m always looking for better ways to ensure the quality of AI projects throughout their lifecycle. I love challenges, both intellectual and athletic.

A more human organization

Since day 1, we have been working on creating a more human organization.

The key to achieve this is to build a supportive context to help each individual grow. We encourage self-management, wholeness and we propose a purpose that can adapt to a changing environment.

This is the DNA of Moov AI.
Together, we are building an organization based on the distribution of power and decision-making. Our “3.1416  project”,  as we call it, is rooted in the empowerment of each individual and promotes self-leadership.

The principles that guide our actions and decisions on a daily basis are:

  • Agility is in the center of our projects;
  • Putting forward transparency #nobullshit;
  • Practice positive mindset , twist problems to see solutions);
  • Share our knowledge and our wealth.
We have fun together

Reach out! We're always looking for skilled and inspiring people.

We want each individual to show up at the office and on screen as their authentic self, without having to wear a “professional persona.”

Our offices are located in the vibrant Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood in Montreal. We have a hybrid office/remote work model and we truly believe that family comes first.

(And we also have insurance, running/cycling clubs, flexible schedules, self-managed days off, etc.)

Moov AI office is located in Montreal, Québec
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