How to fund an artificial intelligence project using grants 4 minutes

As a Quebec and Canada based business, there are several grant programs that you can tap into to fund your artificial intelligence ambitions and unlock their value for your organization with machine learning.

John Weigelt, National Technology Officer of Microsoft Canada talks about why he believes that technology should be seen as an enabler of better business outcomes. Organizations must foster a culture of innovation and reflect on their responsibilities as a good corporate citizen when rolling out an AI program. Thankfully, there are grants out there to help you out!

Sounds great! What are some of the options? How does one get started?

Antoine Cossé of INVEST-AI and Ina Foalea of Scale AI present their respective programs, their differences and similarities as well as the type of projects funded in the last months.

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John Weigelt’s take on innovation, AI and technology

The ultimate AI  grant matrix
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Find out how Invest AI helps Québec companies to power their AI ambitions

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Discover a business perspective on AI grant landscape – differences & similarities

The objective of this conference is to give you all the information you need to understand where your company fits into these programs, and how your project can be funded.

Grants are non-refundable and can be combined with other programs such as CDAE, SR&ED, and others for a maximum of 70% except for the MEI program, which is 50%.

Funding can be used to pay internal salaries, consulting fees, hardware, and infrastructure costs to support the project (Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, local infrastructure, to name a few).

They can also be used for activities aimed at collecting/centralizing the data needed for the project. There is also the possibility of negotiating credits from technology platform providers such as Microsoft Azure credits.

About the panelists

John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada

John Weigelt National Technology Officer Microsoft Canada

Antoine Cossé, Investment Director, Fonds INVEST-AI d’IVADO Labs

Antoine Cossé, INVEST-AI d'IVADO Labs

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Ina Foalea, Investment Director, Scale AI

Ina Foalea, Investment Director, Scale AI

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Nicholas Morel, Partner, Moov AI

Nicholas Morel, associé chez Moov AI

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