How to fund an artificial intelligence project using grants

How to fund an artificial intelligence project using grants 3 minutes

As a Quebec and Canada based business, there are several grant programs that you can tap into to fund your artificial intelligence ambitions and unlock their value for your organization.

It’s no longer a question of choice: to remain competitive, your organization must innovate. One of the best ways to do this is to integrate artificial intelligence (AI).

Your competitors are doing it. Not to mention the AI-born companies that are already disrupting the market.

Sounds great! What are some of the options? How does one get started?

Antoine Cossé of INVEST-AI and Marc Vaucher of Scale AI present their respective programs, their differences and similarities as well as the type of projects funded in the last months.

Julie Castonguay of Apprentx talks about her experience of having recently delivered a successful artificial intelligence project, carried out by Moov AI and funded through IVADO Labs’ INVEST-AI co-funding program.

The objective of this conference is to give you all the information you need to understand where your company fits into these programs, and how your project can be funded.


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About the panelists

Antoine Cossé, investment director, Fonds INVEST-AI d’IVADO Labs

Antoine Cossé, INVEST-AI d'IVADO Labs

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Julie Castonguay, cofounder and CXO, Apprentx

Julie Castonguay d'ApprentX

Julie Castonguay is co-founder and Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Apprentx, a company that has developed B12, a web application that enables the creation and delivery of adaptive training programs using artificial intelligence.

Julie holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. She then completed a PhD at the University of Amsterdam dealing with employment assistance programs for welfare recipients and the unemployed. Julie has focused her career on developing learning strategies that have a real impact on employee performance.

She has designed innovative large-scale training programs for clients such as INSPQ, UNICEF, Hydro-Québec, CN, CGI, and Air Canada. A mother of two boys, she is proud to be part of the growing community of women entrepreneurs in the technology sector.

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Marc Vaucher, investment director, Scale AI

Marc Vaucher de Scale AI

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Nicholas Morel, partner, Moov AI

Nicholas Morel, associé chez Moov AI

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