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Apprentx accelerates skill development and helps companies identify gaps and take action to improve organizational performance.

To achieve this, Apprentx developed B12, a platform that offers customized training and reinforcement programs.

Predicting participant performance with AI to tailor training programs

Moov AI has created an artificial intelligence system that adapts training courses to the strengths and weaknesses of each participant, based on a prediction of their performance on the program questions.

This prediction optimizes courses at different levels:

Provides the right number of activities for participants to ensure engagement

Proposes the right difficulty level to ensure the right balance of challenge

Suggests the topics for review and the right number of repetitions to improve progress

Moov AI was able to understand our business needs and help us envision how artificial intelligence would be inserted into our tool to have an even greater impact on learning.

The AI functionalities are very easy to use and the added value for our users is enormous.

Julie Castonguay

Cofounder and CXO

Apprentx a fait confiance aux consultants de Moov AI

AI to simplify the life of program creators

Ultimately, in collaboration with Apprentx, our team created a powerful and versatile success prediction tool.

This AI solution enables program creators on the B12 platform to be more efficient and thus greatly improves the chances of effective learning for their training participants.

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