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Chomsky vs. Chomsky

Chomsky vs. Chomsky is a virtual reality and artificial intelligence immersive experience that showcases an interaction guided by CHOMSKY_AI, the virtual host built from digital traces of Noam Chomsky.

Sandra Rodriguez is the director of this project, which was realized in collaboration with the NFB, the MIT Open Documentary Lab, Schnellebuntebilder, and Moov AI.


(video teaser of the prologue)

An AI chatbot that replicates the personality of Noam Chomsky

Using the digital traces left by Noam Chomsky and archives of his interviews, our team built an AI conversational agent that replicates his personality and cynical humor.

This chatbot is at the heart of the technical solution we developed and deployed to support the experience and link the creative vision of the project’s director to the technical requirements to ensure a fluid and immersive experience.

It clicked quickly between us! Moov AI solved our technological challenges, and instead of just having a service relationship, we developed a co-creation relationship.

They understood our needs, adapted to them, and proposed creative solutions.

Sandra Rodriguez

Chomsky vs Chomsky Director


AI to power a chatbot.

After the immense success of the prototype at Sundance 2020, the teams involved in the project are hard at work completing the final phase of production of Chomsky vs. Chomsky.

The project team is equipped with a CHOMSKY_AI conversational device that is true to the director’s artistic vision and allows thousands of people worldwide to chat with the digital doppelgänger of such a significant figure in contemporary history.

What a privilege!

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