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AI Forecasting


Commodity Trading

Sometimes, confidentiality is of utmost importance to a client.

We respect that BIG TIME, so we decided to play the game to the end. You won’t learn anything specific that would identify our client. 🤐

Like any trader, they buy different commodities on the international markets to resell on the local markets.

Reduce risk exposure by predicting future market movements

Our team provided a turnkey decision support tool to our client’s traders. The system identifies situations where the resale price will fluctuate significantly, allowing them to optimize inventory management and increase their resale profit margins.


Transfer of traders’ in-depth market knowledge into the tool


Use of multiple external data sources in addition to client data


Emphasis on explaining the predictions and insights provided by the solution

Our collaboration with Moov AI has allowed us a rigorous exercise and has led us to see things differently. It was very enriching for the company.

This project gives us an undeniable competitive advantage: we can clearly see where we were blind before.

Mister X



Aligning the strengths of AI and traders to generate competitive advantage

In the end, thanks to a collaborative approach with the client team, we supplied a tool that truly helps traders evaluate the market and optimize inventory management.

This tool goes beyond human capability and allows our client to make better decisions.

Need help making better decisions?

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