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Simplified invoicing for doctors

Facturation.net offers specialized billing services and solutions for clinics and physicians. Serving over 9500 specialists and general practitioners, Facturation.net is the country’s largest medical billing agency!

Their mission is to create a positive experience and establish a relationship of trust with doctors and administrative staff. In short, to have a positive impact on their professional lives and help them transform their daily lives.

Improve invoice processing efficiency

Facturation.net enlisted the help of Moov AI to develop an automated, reproducible solution for processing doctors’ invoices. To achieve this, the team used the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and more specifically Document AI.

This new solution, successfully delivered in just 8 weeks, enables doctors to submit paper documents and carry out billing. The system detects printed characters with 95% accuracy.

This solution saves time for the Facturation.net teams, while avoiding the risk of errors and data optimization.

Three key impacts

Augmentation de l'efficacité du traitement des factures grâce à l'IA

Increased efficiency

Simplifying the processing of medical invoices reduces delays and improves the overall process.

Augmentation de la précision du traitement des caractères imprimés

Improved precision

Reducing content variability and using separate fields for extraction has reduced errors and improved the quality of results.

Réduction des coûts

Cost reduction  

Increased processing capacity and fewer costly errors generated substantial savings

I’m more than happy with the Moov AI team. They were not simply another consulting firm over-selling the greatness of AI. They did deliver what they pitched, on time, and with no surprises.

Their team, Thomas, Luc & Stephanie, were key to the success of this project. Thomas impressed our internal Cloud Architect with his knowledge of Terraform and infra-as-code. Now, it is time for us to capitalize on this project and materialize the expected results.

Soon enough, we will be working again with Moov AI on other projects

Jacob Verret

CTO, Facturation.net

Reduce the administrative burden on doctors.

Our teams worked hand in hand with Google to optimize the automated medical invoice processing solution.

Thanks to the AI expertise of Moov AI and the use of Google Cloud solutions, Facturation.net was able to benefit from a functional, automated solution aligned with their vision. All in 8 weeks.

In the end, the solution improved customer satisfaction and system performance, and guaranteed efficient invoice management for Facturation.net’s physician customers.

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