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Bringing human-centric technology to programmatic advertising

Sharethrough is an omnichannel supply-side platform underpinned by advanced RTB tech & enhanced ad experiences. We are building a sustainable advertising ecosystem for journalists, content creators, and app developers.

Sharethrough is :

  • 120 billion daily ad requests
  • 275+ terabytes of data processed per day
  • 925 publisher partners
  • 232 billion in daily bids processed

Optimize auctions in real-time on the SmartSuite platform.

Our team has developed a portfolio of artificial intelligence solutions to optimize exchanges and auction prices.

Optimize the flow of requests

Sending 120 billion daily requests requires a large network and computing resource costs. We worked closely with Sharethrough’s engineering team using AI to identify unattractive offers to reduce the number without impacting the overall success rate of requests.

Optimize the price of advertising placements

The auction aims to optimize the price of the ad placements to offer the right price to advertisers while guaranteeing efficient placement. We have developed an artificial intelligence solution allowing Sharethrough advertisers to benefit from optimized prices for each placement.

— These initiatives generated an ROI of —


Projects ROI

— In addition to producing these benefits —

Experimentation AI

Facilitating experimentation and harnessing the full potential of AI

We have built an integrated end-to-end infrastructure to accelerate and simplify data experiments and test various scenarios with artificial intelligence.
Gained experience

Increased competence of the team to deploy AI solutions

Our coaching allowed the data science team to gain the necessary experience to generate more results with AI and the data engineering team to deploy solutions independently.

Personalized advisory,
from A to Z

We’ve been with the Sharethrough team from the beginning of their exploration of the potential of artificial intelligence at each stage of their accelerating data science maturity.

By bringing together company leaders and AI project stakeholders, we first identified AI opportunities in their business context. This first step allowed us to share our fundamental knowledge of AI and establish a clear and prioritized roadmap based on their unique needs.

After breaking down the scope of the first initiatives, we accompanied Sharethrough in the financial set-up allowing them to support the innovation.

Throughout the project and the development of the two AI modules, we transferred our cutting-edge knowledge to Sharethrough’s team members. This upskilling of their data science and engineering team allows them to deploy AI solutions in production fully autonomously.

Exploring the opportunities of AI

Roadmap prioritized value and complexity




Financial package for innovation


Development of AI projects

Moov AI has allowed us to accelerate our AI roadmap. This expertise would be challenging to develop internally. They helped us structure our vision and have been with us ever since the beginning of our projects.

Will this relationship be for the long term? The answer is yes. They allow us to increase the capacity and know-how of our team.

JF Côté

CEO, Sharethrough

Sharethrough a choisi Moov AI pour ses services d'intelligence artificielle

Improve the experience and performance of the SmartSuite platform

Our team worked closely with Sharethrough’s teams to provide solutions to save money for both the buyers and Sharethrough.

Ultimately, the solution saves money for both the buyers and Sharethrough.

Thanks to their environmental vision, the solution spends fewer IT resources to achieve the same result, thus realizing energy savings.

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