Exploration workshop

Discover the best AI opportunities for your company

For artificial intelligence to make the strongest impact, projects must target the right opportunities based on your field of business. That’s the purpose of our exploration workshop.

We’ll help you deploy your AI opportunities.

The exploration workshop

The workshop begins with a short training on the fundamentals of digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

We then discuss AI in your industry and in the context of your company to assess the business value of potential initiatives and the relative complexity of developing a solution.

The workshop includes a brainstorming/ideation session hosted by our AI experts who will guide your teams in generating project proposals to address your business needs that require AI or data analytics.

Objectives and key learnings:


Demystify the fundamentals of AI in the context of a digital transformation

Define concrete opportunities to apply AI in your daily operations

Learn how to approach AI projects and implement them quickly in your company (agile AI).
Understand the impacts of an AI project and anticipate the most common pitfalls


This workshop is designed for executives, directors, managers, and any non-technical member of the organization looking to understand how to leverage artificial intelligence.


2 days

Pedagogical approach

4 hours of lectures (fundamentals of AI and agile AI) and 10 hours of practical workshops.

Exploration workshop syllabus

The workshop includes a presentation of AI case studies in your industry, individual and group practice, and an ideation session.

Demystify the requirements and great innovations on which all digital transformations are based.
  • Definition of a digital transformation
  • Key success factors of a digital transformation
  • Introduction to the 4 major technologies involved in digital transformation
Understand artificial intelligence and master the basics of the common language that drives innovation.
  • Definition and advantages of AI
  • Essence of AI and its exponential growth
  • Role of AI in a digital transformation
  • AI market key indicators and major players
  • Characteristics of an AI project in a company
  • Introduction to agile AI methodology
Successful AI projects require smart project slicing and an incremental approach to execution. Knowing the right methodologies is critical to the success of an AI project.
  • Overview of the process and philosophy of the agile methodology
  • How to start (and successfully launch!) an AI project
  • Agile AI
  • How to slice your project to ensure its success
  • Continuous deployment and testing
  • Explicability of algorithms - no black box
  • Your model is in production: monitoring, maintenance, and retraining
  • The expertise needed to have an all-star team
  • The daily life of data scientists
Learn how AI impacts your business and industry to understand what opportunities are best for you.
  • What are the key AI innovations in your industry?
  • Who are the players (competing companies, software/service providers, etc.)?
  • What is your competitive positioning in the ecosystem?
  • Diagnosis of your digital intelligence and data analysis maturity
Throughout the workshop, practical exercises will allow you to assimilate the key concepts that will be presented.
  • Strategic analysis matrix and diagnosis of your initial situation
  • Ideation session on the design thinking methodology
  • Descriptive analysis canvas on the proposed operational project ideas
  • Prioritization matrix of potential projects
  • Roadmapping of one of the prioritized projects

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We accompanied these companies

CBC / Radio-Canada
Groupe Canam
Molson Coors
Metro mon épicier
Agence mondiale antidopage

The Moov AI exploration workshop was an eye-opener for us. It not only helped us lay the foundation for our digital transformation, but the workshop mapped out our path to embrace artificial intelligence in our processes.

It was a real pleasure to work with you during these productive workshops.

Martin Lauzon

General Manager


Find the best AI opportunities for your company

Our facilitators guide your team towards applied AI.

Technical experts and experienced facilitators are present at each of our strategy workshops. We ensure that nothing is left to chance, risks are mitigated, and opportunities are aligned with your goals.


I have years of experience translating business needs and impact into technical projects as well as coaching the teams who execute them. In my spare time I like researching random facts such as: why do seagulls squawk so much?


I help our clients answer tough questions with data. What motivates me? Contributing to the adoption of data literacy. My nickname? Lady Data.

Olivier B.

I help companies make better decisions more efficiently with AI. I’m a geek with a passion for AI and believe it can generate significant long-term benefits. I’m a fan of motorcycles, guitar, good beer and travel!


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