Artificial intelligence training

Understanding your data and AI to get started on the right foot

Demystify the impact of artificial intelligence and data on your digital transformation with training specifically designed for your business context.

Truly tailor-made training

Our customized training courses are specifically designed to address your teams’ needs increase their digital skills and respect your business and logistical constraints.

We begin by understanding your digital training needs and specifying your objectives.

We meet with each of the future participants to assess their initial skill level and customize the content of their training.

Audit de vos besoins

Audit of your needs

We define the main concepts on which to train your teams, as well as the appropriate way to test the acquisition of skills throughout the training.

We work with you to develop the optimal training schedule for your teams.

Conception du parcours de formation sur mesure

Design of the program

Group trainings, ideation workshops, and one-on-one mentoring can be part of your journey depending on the size of the group.

Our trainers are digital and data science experts who have been specially selected to take on the task of scaling your teams.

Développer les compétences de vos équipes

Skill development

Propel your AI training ambitions

Our trainings will help kick off your AI, data, and digital transformation journey. Best of all, some of these activities are eligible for grants of up to 85% through grant programs designed to foster innovation across all sectors.

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