An OCTAS for Ricardo, Turbulent and Moov AI 4 minutes

Montréal, June 202023 – My RICARDO+ won the Innovation and Disruption – SMEs and Startups category at the OCTAS 2023.

This project, which we carried out in close collaboration with the Turbulent team, enabled RICARDO Media to offer its subscribers a menu planning tool powered by artificial intelligence, while providing them with the best possible experience.

The OCTAS competition offers an exceptional opportunity to celebrate excellence in the field of information technology (IT). Organized by Réseau Action TI, this event pays tribute to individuals, companies, and organizations that stand out for their creativity, dynamism, and exceptional contribution to the growth of the technology industry. During its annual awards ceremony, Réseau Action TI presents the prestigious OCTAS trophies to the winners in various categories. The winners are selected by a jury composed of eminent representatives from the technology sector.

The OCTAS competition evaluates projects based on several key criteria, such as the clarity and relevance of the project’s objectives, the scale of achievement relative to the organization’s size, the real benefits obtained, the impact on the target audience and the organization, the concepts, methods, and tools used, as well as the innovative use of technology.

Mon RICARDO+ was acclaimed for its excellence in all these areas, demonstrating its exceptional value. We are very proud that our work is recognized within our industry.

It is extremely gratifying to see that when we unite strong partners with a genuine mission, we can achieve innovative projects that make a difference for local families.

It is often said that the key to creating relevant products is to address a genuine need. Well, we succeeded in offering powerful tools to quickly answer the famous question “What’s for dinner?” and just for that, I believe it’s mission accomplished!

-Alexandra Dion, Relationship Marketing and Loyalty Specialist at Ricardo Media Inc.

Receiving an OCTAS is an honor. We are truly very proud of the work accomplished and the collaboration developed by the teams in the three organizations involved. Our goal is to create value in Quebec, and it is thanks to collaborations like this one that we will achieve it. Together, we will go further

-Dominic Danis, CEO and Co-founder of Moov AI


This tool simplifies menu planning for Mon RICARDO+ subscribers. The integration of artificial intelligence into Mon RICARDO+ allows for personalized recommendations based on subscribers’ browsing profiles and culinary preferences. This enables them to discover recipes that match their tastes and dietary requirements. The personalized recommendations from Mon RICARDO+ are a significant strength for meal planning, continuously refined and improved over time based on subscriber feedback.

With an intuitive interface, users have full control over the AI suggestions while unleashing their culinary creativity.

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About Moov AI

Moov AI is a consulting firm in data valorization and artificial intelligence. We train our clients, help them find the best opportunities to apply AI, and develop valuable solutions that generate concrete results.

We combine our business acumen and expertise to develop AI solutions that meet the business needs of companies and we provide strategic support to our clients: crafting and implementing your AI adoption and data valorization strategies, defining your roadmap, and accelerating your projects to gain efficiency.

We have extensive experience in retail, large manufacturing, and complex digital products through engagements with companies such as Metro Inc, Pratt & Whitney, Radio-Canada, and the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM).

About Turbulent

Turbulent is a tech workshop whose mission is to help visionary companies unlock the full potential of their audience.

Passionate about technology and creative problem-solving, Turbulent has been creating electrifying products that propel digital ecosystems in the media, entertainment, and education sectors since 2002.


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