Connect&GO in partnership with Moov AI for crowd prediction and dynamic pricing 4 minutes

Montréal, June 9, 2023 – Pushing boundaries and bringing innovative ideas to life through AI for the attractions industry.

For several months, our team has been supporting Connect & GO in the development of the most advanced crowd prediction and influence platform on the market.

Thanks to the vision of Dominic Gagnon and his Connect & GO team, the Konnect AttendX platform utilizes cutting-edge AI technology developed in partnership with Moov AI to assist operators in making informed operational decisions that drive revenue, maximize efficiency, and deliver an incredible user experience.

Konnect AttendX consists of two key components: Konnect Predictor and Konnect Smart Pricing.

Konnect Predictor

With Konnect Predictor, an AI-based predictive traffic engine, amusement parks can streamline their operations by accurately anticipating attendance. This feature enables operators to overcome labor shortages and optimize resource allocation. Unlike traditional planning methods, which often rely on intuition, Konnect Predictor utilizes historical data, booking trends, holiday calendars, weather forecasts, and school schedules to provide reliable attendance projections. Amusement parks can optimize their staff schedules, forecast food sales, manage inventory, and much more. These valuable insights help improve pricing strategies, marketing efforts, and advertising actions, ultimately leading to increased sales and return on investment.

Konnect Smart Pricing

In addition to Konnect Predictor, Konnect Smart Pricing provides a dynamic pricing solution based on the data provided by Predictor. This feature allows operators to adjust prices according to demand, maximizing revenue and achieving attendance goals. Operators can specify the desired average price for general admission tickets, and Konnect Smart Pricing will generate a pricing grid for the entire season to meet that goal and maximize revenue. Through real-time analysis of traffic sensitivity to ticket prices, the dynamic pricing engine calculates price elasticity and demand. This information enables operators to enhance visitor experience, optimize the use of available resources, and effectively manage traffic throughout the week, reducing pressure on operational teams and improving customer satisfaction.

“Alone, we go faster; together, we go further.” I have always believed in this saying, and now I believe we have the proof. By joining forces between the Connect&Go and Moov AI teams, we have been able to harness the possibilities of artificial intelligence to deliver tangible value and an incredible user experience to Connect&Go customers.

Dominic Danis, President Moov AI

One of the main challenges faced by our customers today is the management of staff and material resources. Artificial intelligence presents an exciting opportunity for attractions to not only predict traffic several days in advance but also influence trends through pricing strategies and dynamic offers.

Dominic Gagnon, CEO of Connect&GO

Several clients have already confirmed their intention to acquire the AttendX solution for their operations, globally.

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About Connect&GO

Connect&GO is a global leader in visitor and attractions management technology, offering the most flexible and user-friendly operations management platform in the attractions industry. Their all-in-one management platform seamlessly integrates e-commerce, point-of-sale, food and beverage, RFID access control, and cashless payments through their virtual wallet, consolidating all data in one place. They help increase revenue and maximize visitor engagement through valuable real-time insights. Connect&GO serves amusement and water parks, family entertainment centers, zoos and aquariums, festivals, and live events worldwide, integrating easy-to-use wearable technology into incredible experiences.

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