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Benefit from generative artificial intelligence solutions

Our experts help you understand and use generative AI solutions in your business without drift, whether you’re a beginner or looking for advanced solutions.

IA génératives

Use generative AI solutions in a responsible way

Generative AI offers an infinite number of opportunities for companies today. Beyond the classic chat engine or writing assistance, your teams can benefit from this technology in multiple ways.

Be among the first companies to think about how to use and implement them in your processes. At Moov AI, our experts’ extensive knowledge ensures that you use generative AI solutions responsibly.

Better understand.

Understand the technology and use cases of generative AI in your context

The entire business world is talking about generative AI solutions and their impacts. What are the specific use cases that will allow you to reap the benefits while avoiding the pitfalls and mitigating the risks?

We combine our expertise in generative AI with your knowledge of your industry to establish a personalized accompaniment that takes into account the development of your internal skills.

In short, our teams guide you to create the right use cases that really meet your needs.

  • icon-audit-de-science-des-donnees
    Understand your data, your history and the potential use cases in your context.
  • icon-accompagnement-strategique
    Introductory workshops on generative AI
    Practical workshops and discussions on generative AI, its impact and benefits for your company. This workshop allows you to evaluate and prioritize the different use cases as well as the risks associated with their implementation.
  • icon-formation-intelligence-artificielle
    Training courses
    Tailor-made training for your teams on the use of generative AI and the different solutions available to you. Consult our training offer.
Comprendre l'intelligence artificielle et comment valoriser vos données

Identify the risks.​

Follow best practices in risk management and process control

Moov AI pays particular attention to and has developed an expertise in responsible artificial intelligence by actively participating in the efforts to regulate and standardize artificial intelligence in Canada.

Our experts apply the same strict rules of ethics and responsible AI to our generative AI projects.

  • icon-evaluation-des-opportunites
    Risk assessment workshops
    Identification of organizational, reputational and legal risks in the face of generative AI adoption and assessment of enterprise data governance.
Solidifier vos acquis et avancer avec l'intelligence artificielle

Implement Gen AI.

Demonstrate the value to your business and drive its use in your teams.

After careful consideration of the benefits and use cases, as well as the risk mitigation plan, generative AI can enable you to power your teams and increase their efficiency.

Our team helps you get started with generative AI by proposing the development of scalable solutions.

  • icon-valo-dequipe
    Proof of concept
    Implementing a solution based on a new technology requires some exploration to ensure that the project is viable and will be sustainable over the long term.
  • icon-operationalisation
    Putting generative AI solutions into production in secure business solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Such a solution will allow:
    • robustness in terms of information security
    • sound governance in terms of accessibility
    • resilient and robust delivery
    • respect for your privacy and your data
Accélérer vos projets de données et d'intelligence artificielle

For responsible use of generative AI solutions

At Moov AI, we advocate cautious optimism about generative AI. “With great power comes great responsibility”. We believe that generative AI is an incredible opportunity for companies of all sizes.

Our Generative AI teams remain alert to the risks posed by this technology. We advocate ethical and responsible use in all cases.

— our responsible generative AI approach —

Educate users and integrators

Define and propose best practices and educate our various audiences on the potential dangers of this technology. Offer solutions to mitigate them.

Developing safe and ethical solutions

Fully invest in a risk management approach to AI systems. This approach is the essence of the AI and Data Act (LIAD).

Involved in the development of standards and legislation

We propel and promote a more responsible use of AI with Olivier Blais‘ leadership on LIAD, ISO standards on AI and with the Quebec Innovation Council.

— On-Demand Webinar —

How to exploit, without risk, generative AI solutions in the enterprise

Exploiter, sans dérive, les solutions d’IA générative en entreprise

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