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Automatically transcribe 120 hours of daily content.


Natural Language Processing



A Canadian perspective on news and current affairs

Canada’s national public broadcaster has a mandate to inform, enlighten, and entertain with the aim of strengthening Canadian culture.

It provides English- and French-language news services in more than 40 cities across the country and abroad. Every day, journalists report on Canada and the world to offer a Canadian perspective on current news and affairs.

Increase the potential of production teams

To support this colossal task, Moov AI has developed an artificial intelligence system that automatically transcribes more than 1,000 audio and video files generated daily by the production teams.

These transcriptions greatly reduce the workload of journalists in delivering the reports that are presented on air. Artificial intelligence experts have developed an API that integrates an automated transcription solution, powered by Microsoft AI, with the production platform already used by journalists.


A journalist exports an audio/video interview to the internal platform


The AI system transcribes the interview verbatim and time-stamps the text


The journalist receives a text file that allows them to easily locate excerpts of interest


A second objective of this tool is to support the team responsible for generating subtitles for the French network by automatically processing the transcripts of content sent for broadcast.

This efficiency allows the team to focus on high value tasks, such as ensuring the accuracy of the transcripts to meet the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) standards, which require broadcasters to have a 100% captioning accuracy rate.

In order to propose and build a sustainable solution that adds value to our work, the Moov AI team took the time to understand the work methods of our production teams and the challenges we face in transcribing our content.

It was imperative that the solution fit into our technological environment. Although we have a team of in-house developers, the expertise and advice provided by the Moov AI team greatly facilitated the migration of our transcription service to the current solution, which had to be done in a tight timeframe.

The possibilities of artificial intelligence for processing our content are numerous, and we still have a lot of exploring to do in this area. I look forward to working with the Moov AI team to help us achieve this goal.

Gabriel Gallant-Robert

Senior Manager, Business Relations
Content Solutions

Moov AI + CBC/Radio-Canada

Automate repetitive tasks to alleviate heavy workload

Working closely with the public broadcaster’s Technology and Infrastructure team, our extensive knowledge of Microsoft tools provided a seamless experience for CBC developers to integrate a simple and efficient solution.

This solution saved everyone precious time during the development of the solution, as well as on a daily basis when a large volume of transcriptions is performed. The AI solution does the heavy lifting to allow journalists to do what they do best: inform, enlighten, and entertain.

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