AI traffic prediction engine: a real crystal ball for the attractions market


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Next-generation all-in-one attraction management platform

Connect&GO is a global leader in integrated attraction management technology and RFID. The company helps operators deploy its technology with incredible results and advance their businesses by providing the most innovative and flexible platform for the attractions industry.

Their management platform integrates e-commerce, point of sale, food & beverage, RFID access control, and cashless payments.

The challenge of predicting revenue and crowd numbers

A major challenge faced by attraction operators is the inability to accurately predict visitor attendance. This lack of foresight has led to operational inefficiencies, affecting both the customer experience and revenue generation. The unpredictability of attendance, sometimes ranging from 500 to 8,000 visitors in a single day, posed a significant operational challenge.

Moov AI has developed AI features in Connect&GO’s AttendX, a cutting-edge platform for predicting and influencing visitor attendance.
We have delivered 2 solutions:


Traffic prediction

Forecasting attendance several days in advance.


Dynamic Pricing

Enhancing the customer experience while maximizing revenue.

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Dominic Gagnon

CTO, Connect & Go

Optimizing operational efficiency

The  AI solutions we have built allow Connect&GO’s clients to optimize their operations, revenue, and overall customer satisfaction.

Better manage operations and staff

through 7-day attendance forecasts.

Optimize revenue 

by offering dynamic pricing that stimulates demand.

Increase early bookings

with discounts for early reservations.

Smooth traffic throughout the day

providing a better customer experience.

AI to optimize staff, improve customer experience, and pricing strategies

AttendX offers a transformative approach to operators’ daily operations. Our confidence in technology and Connect&GO’s vision has been reaffirmed as the partnership allows us to achieve remarkable results together.

With accurate attendance predictions, operators can optimize employee schedules, forecast food sales, and efficiently prepare inventory. Pricing strategies, influenced by AI predictions, allow for price adjustments based on demand, maximizing revenue. By leveling attendance over time, they ensure a consistent and high-quality experience for visitors. Every decision is based on reliable data.

This collaboration with Connect&GO has truly set a new standard for operational efficiency in the attractions and entertainment industry.

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