Strategic AI Workshops

Find & tackle the right AI opportunities, the right way.

Strategic artificial intelligence workshops

For AI to have the best impact, projects must target the right opportunities. We conduct strategic workshops to uncover the best opportunities and their benefits according to your business context.

Kickstart your AI journey.

Artificial intelligence strategic workshops

Exploration workshop

Identify the right AI opportunities in your business context

This workshop is designed to identify the right AI opportunities for your business. We keep the focus on projects that are deemed feasible and realistic for the organization to implement given operational & strategic imperatives.

It starts with a short training on artificial intelligence in a business context, so that all participants have a common understanding of the technology and its capabilities.

Once the AI opportunities have been documented, we help your team to prioritize them into a preliminary roadmap of impactful project opportunities that contribute to your objectives.

Main benefits:

Ensure a common understanding of AI capabilities
Identify useful applications of AI within a specific business

Get a preliminary roadmap of impactful projects

Preparation workshop

Set your business up for success by properly understanding the requirements to a successful AI project.

This workshop is designed to extract the information needed to scope out a project and eventually navigate the grant application process together.

Moov AI’s immersion into your business reality allows us to assess where the company stands and what may be required to achieve their objectives for their data science investments.

The team unite around a common project which will promote better communication and more effective collaboration.

Main benefits:

Prioritize investments in a phased approach

Establish objectives and scope
build collaboration

Build collaboration around a common purpose

AI strategic workshops

How to propel your AI ambitions

These workshops kickstart your AI journey. Even better, some of these activities can qualify for subsidies of up to 85% using grant programs designed to foster innovation across all industries.

Thanks to Moov AI's strategic workshops, it is clear where we are headed with artificial intelligence.

Mathieu Dupuis

VP Products and Technologies


Our facilitators guide your team towards AI

Each of our strategic workshop combine seasoned technical and facilitation experts. We make sure that no stones are left unturned and that the risk is mitigated and opportunities are aligned with your


I support humans from all walks of life in the creation of collective software works with a scientific flavor. In my spare time, I like to optimize my fridge in multi-objective mode, play video games where you can turn all the rocks over and use asymmetry as a general concept.

Olivier B.

I help companies make better decisions more efficiently with AI. I’m a geek with a passion for AI and believe it can generate significant long-term benefits. I’m a fan of motorcycles, guitar, good beer and travel!


I help our clients answer tough questions with data. What motivates me? Contributing to the adoption of data literacy. My nickname? Lady Data.


I have years of experience translating business needs and impact into technical projects as well as coaching the teams who execute them. In my spare time I like researching random facts such as: why do seagulls squawk so much?.


I love data and I hate waste. I deliver projects that help companies become more efficient and effective. I speak several languages, drink a lot of beer and play many sports.


I guide organizations to understand their potential in artificial intelligence and I accompany them in planning opportunities that will generate concrete projects. Epicurean, my favorite activities are cooking and splitting wood!

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