Air Transat, Moov AI, and Google Cloud Montreal are partnering to transform the customer experience in the airline industry through artificial intelligence

Montreal, April 4th, 2024 Air Transat, voted Best Leisure Airline in the World at the 2023 Skytrax World Airline Awards, is partnering with Montreal-based firm Moov AI, specializing in the development of AI strategies and solutions, and Google Cloud Montreal to develop innovations that will enhance the experience for its customers.

As part of this partnership, Moov AI will leverage its expertise in artificial intelligence to optimize two crucial aspects at Air Transat: targeting its product offerings and interpreting customer satisfaction surveys.

The first solution involves creating a new product recommendation engine that will offer only the most relevant offers to each traveler at the optimal moment during their purchasing journey. This will personalize travel options to provide a simplified and enhanced experience.

Air Transat also aims to streamline the interpretation of its satisfaction surveys and understand how different aspects of the customer experience impact overall satisfaction. An artificial intelligence module will create user segments by considering socio-demographic data, transaction history, survey responses, and CRM system data. This will enable Air Transat’s customer experience team to better understand their customers’ experiences and formulate viable, realistic, and impactful recommendations to improve overall satisfaction.

” We are delighted to collaborate with Moov AI and the Montreal team at Google Cloud to develop artificial intelligence solutions that will enhance the customer experience at Air Transat. With these two solutions, we will be able to offer more personalized and relevant offers to our travelers, while better understanding their needs and improving their enjoyment of flying with us. ”

Xavier Szwengler, Vice President of Marketing and Loyalty, Air Transat

This entirely Montreal-based partnership between Air Transat, Moov AI, and Google Cloud Montreal marks a significant step in the adoption of artificial intelligence in the airline industry. By combining Moov AI’s expertise, Air Transat’s reputation as a leading airline, and the power of tools and expertise offered by Google Cloud, this collaboration promises to bring significant innovations that will enhance the customer experience and strengthen Air Transat’s position as one of the industry leaders.

 ”We are excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Air Transat and Google Cloud to develop artificial intelligence solutions that will improve the customer offering. I applaud Air Transat’s commitment to innovation and exploring the possibilities of AI. It is a great pride to see two local companies collaborating with the support of a giant like Google Cloud in such an innovative and transformative field for Quebec”

Dominic Danis, President and Cofounder, Moov AI

About Moov AI

We are Moov AI: a consulting firm specializing in artificial intelligence and data. We were recognized as the “Best Startup Employer in Canada” by Forbes in 2024.

We combine our sharp business sense and extensive technological expertise to develop AI solutions that meet the business needs of our clients. We use this hands-on experience to offer strategic AI support: defining and deploying AI and data strategies, developing roadmaps, and accelerating projects for increased efficiency.

We have successfully delivered AI solutions with companies such as Metro, Pratt & Whitney, Groupe Canam, Radio-Canada, and the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM).

About Air Transat

Founded in Montreal 36 years ago, Air Transat is a flagship travel brand voted Best Leisure Airline in the World by customers at the 2023 Skytrax World Airline Awards. Its program provides access to international destinations, primarily in Europe, the Caribbean, the East and West coasts of America, South America, and North Africa. Air Transat is renowned for its excellent customer service. Renewing its aircraft fleet with the most fuel-efficient aircraft in their category, Air Transat is committed to an environmentally conscious travel industry. Its headquarters are located in Montreal, with major airport platforms at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL) and Pearson Airport (YYZ). It employs 5,000 people who share the same purpose: to reduce the distances that separate us. Air Transat is a subsidiary of Transat A.T. Inc. (TSX: TRZ).

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Moov AI named #1 “Canada’s Best Startup Employers 2024” by Forbes

Moov AI nommé meilleur employeur startup au Canada

Moov AI has been awarded first place by Forbes in its prestigious ranking of “Canada’s Best Start-up Employers for 2024“. This award underscores our commitment to excellence and our unique corporate culture.

What makes us particularly proud is that the publication highlights one of the key elements of our culture: “family first”. It’s a principle that has guided us since the very beginnings of Moov AI, and continues to influence our relationships with colleagues, as well as the benefits we offer to this day.

A culture like ours isn’t built in a day. It’s built in synergy with all our colleagues, every day. Today, Moov AI is more than 50 colleagues who believe in our mission and contribute to helping our customers adopt artificial intelligence.

« At Moov AI, our success is based on the exceptional individuals who form the heart of our company. We have been aware of this from the outset, and have devoted considerable effort to creating a safe and engaging working environment for our employees. To be recognized today by Forbes is a huge source of pride for both myself as well as the culture & development team. »
Dominic Danis
Moov AI President

Forbes ranking details

To compile the list, Forbes teamed up with market research firm Statista, which selected a shortlist of 1,500 Canadian-based companies. To be eligible, start-ups had to have at least 10 employees, be founded between 2014 and 2021, and not be listed on a stock exchange.

Start-ups were evaluated on three main criteria: employer reputation, employee satisfaction and growth.

Employer reputation was measured by searching articles, blogs and social media posts about each company, and using text analysis to categorize them as positive, negative or neutral.

Employee satisfaction was assessed through employee retention research and online reviews, as well as by examining company websites to gather information on employee offerings.

Growth was assessed by examining organizations’ web traffic, number of employees and job postings. Finally, this data was compiled into a score model, and the 200 companies with the highest total scores made up our final list.

Always more for our culture

We are honored by this recognition and continue to work to maintain the distinct culture that makes Moov AI so special. Colleagues are at the heart of Moov AI; everyone can count on each other for support in their personal development and to excel.

We will not stop at this price and we’ll continue our efforts to always find new ways to renew ourselves and offer new growth opportunities to our colleagues.

A huge thank you to all those who contribute to this magnificent adventure.

Interested in joining our team? Find out more about our culture and available positions.

Klever chooses Moov AI to enhance media trading through artificial intelligence

Montréal, June 15, 2023 – Klever announces the start of an artificial intelligence project in partnership with Moov AI. It aims to enhance the capabilities of media traders by providing recommendations based on specific parameters, tactics, and actual customer behavior.

Moov AI will develop an artificial intelligence solution with enhanced adaptability to market fluctuations, enabling Klever to react more quickly and gain a competitive advantage. The project is divided into three phases, with the first being a risk discovery and mitigation process initiated in April.

“By leveraging the billions of monthly data points that are generated by our trading activity across all open internet channels, we will use AI to generate recommendations and optimization opportunities.”

-Marc Poirier, CEO at Klever Programmatic

“It’s exciting to see how AI solutions are enhancing the media and advertising sphere. We’re proud to be part of this AI success story in Quebec, demonstrating that Montreal is a world-class hub for delivering tangible and valuable AI projects.”

-Olivier Blais


The INVEST-AI program has granted significant funding to Klever Programmatic as part of this project to support intelligent innovation in programmatic campaign optimization. This program aims to foster the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Quebec by applying artificial intelligence to business processes.

About Moov AI

Moov AI deploys practical artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that address real business challenges for its clients.

Our experts guide companies in leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, regardless of their level of maturity in data science. We specialize in AI technologies and delivering tangible value rapidly in the process through Agile AI.

We support businesses of all sizes and industries in unlocking the full potential of AI, ensuring the long-term relevance and accuracy of their AI processes.

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About Klever Programmatic

Klever is the premium platform for marketers seeking higher performance levels for their programmatic campaigns. We are known as “The Human Adtech Company” and collaborate with agencies that aim for superior performance in their programmatic campaigns.

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Connect&GO in partnership with Moov AI for crowd prediction and dynamic pricing

Montréal, June 9, 2023 – Pushing boundaries and bringing innovative ideas to life through AI for the attractions industry.

For several months, our team has been supporting Connect & GO in the development of the most advanced crowd prediction and influence platform on the market.

Thanks to the vision of Dominic Gagnon and his Connect & GO team, the Konnect AttendX platform utilizes cutting-edge AI technology developed in partnership with Moov AI to assist operators in making informed operational decisions that drive revenue, maximize efficiency, and deliver an incredible user experience.

Konnect AttendX consists of two key components: Konnect Predictor and Konnect Smart Pricing.

Konnect Predictor

With Konnect Predictor, an AI-based predictive traffic engine, amusement parks can streamline their operations by accurately anticipating attendance. This feature enables operators to overcome labor shortages and optimize resource allocation. Unlike traditional planning methods, which often rely on intuition, Konnect Predictor utilizes historical data, booking trends, holiday calendars, weather forecasts, and school schedules to provide reliable attendance projections. Amusement parks can optimize their staff schedules, forecast food sales, manage inventory, and much more. These valuable insights help improve pricing strategies, marketing efforts, and advertising actions, ultimately leading to increased sales and return on investment.

Konnect Smart Pricing

In addition to Konnect Predictor, Konnect Smart Pricing provides a dynamic pricing solution based on the data provided by Predictor. This feature allows operators to adjust prices according to demand, maximizing revenue and achieving attendance goals. Operators can specify the desired average price for general admission tickets, and Konnect Smart Pricing will generate a pricing grid for the entire season to meet that goal and maximize revenue. Through real-time analysis of traffic sensitivity to ticket prices, the dynamic pricing engine calculates price elasticity and demand. This information enables operators to enhance visitor experience, optimize the use of available resources, and effectively manage traffic throughout the week, reducing pressure on operational teams and improving customer satisfaction.

“Alone, we go faster; together, we go further.” I have always believed in this saying, and now I believe we have the proof. By joining forces between the Connect&Go and Moov AI teams, we have been able to harness the possibilities of artificial intelligence to deliver tangible value and an incredible user experience to Connect&Go customers.

Dominic Danis, President Moov AI

One of the main challenges faced by our customers today is the management of staff and material resources. Artificial intelligence presents an exciting opportunity for attractions to not only predict traffic several days in advance but also influence trends through pricing strategies and dynamic offers.

Dominic Gagnon, CEO of Connect&GO

Several clients have already confirmed their intention to acquire the AttendX solution for their operations, globally.

About Moov AI

Moov AI builds and deploys concrete Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions that help clients seize opportunities and tackle core business challenges. Our experts help organizations leverage these technologies no matter what their level of data science maturity is.

We specialize in quickly delivering value thanks to an Agile approach to handling artificial intelligence projects.

Our quest to democratize the use of AI technologies brings us to work with companies of all sizes across many industries. We pride ourselves on simplifying the complicated and bringing long term benefits to each project we undertake.

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About Connect&GO

Connect&GO is a global leader in visitor and attractions management technology, offering the most flexible and user-friendly operations management platform in the attractions industry. Their all-in-one management platform seamlessly integrates e-commerce, point-of-sale, food and beverage, RFID access control, and cashless payments through their virtual wallet, consolidating all data in one place. They help increase revenue and maximize visitor engagement through valuable real-time insights. Connect&GO serves amusement and water parks, family entertainment centers, zoos and aquariums, festivals, and live events worldwide, integrating easy-to-use wearable technology into incredible experiences.

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Moov AI
Guillaume Petitclerc
Vice-President, Marketing and Culture

An OCTAS for Ricardo, Turbulent and Moov AI

Montréal, June 202023 – My RICARDO+ won the Innovation and Disruption – SMEs and Startups category at the OCTAS 2023.

This project, which we carried out in close collaboration with the Turbulent team, enabled RICARDO Media to offer its subscribers a menu planning tool powered by artificial intelligence, while providing them with the best possible experience.

The OCTAS competition offers an exceptional opportunity to celebrate excellence in the field of information technology (IT). Organized by Réseau Action TI, this event pays tribute to individuals, companies, and organizations that stand out for their creativity, dynamism, and exceptional contribution to the growth of the technology industry. During its annual awards ceremony, Réseau Action TI presents the prestigious OCTAS trophies to the winners in various categories. The winners are selected by a jury composed of eminent representatives from the technology sector.

The OCTAS competition evaluates projects based on several key criteria, such as the clarity and relevance of the project’s objectives, the scale of achievement relative to the organization’s size, the real benefits obtained, the impact on the target audience and the organization, the concepts, methods, and tools used, as well as the innovative use of technology.

Mon RICARDO+ was acclaimed for its excellence in all these areas, demonstrating its exceptional value. We are very proud that our work is recognized within our industry.

It is extremely gratifying to see that when we unite strong partners with a genuine mission, we can achieve innovative projects that make a difference for local families.

It is often said that the key to creating relevant products is to address a genuine need. Well, we succeeded in offering powerful tools to quickly answer the famous question “What’s for dinner?” and just for that, I believe it’s mission accomplished!

-Alexandra Dion, Relationship Marketing and Loyalty Specialist at Ricardo Media Inc.

Receiving an OCTAS is an honor. We are truly very proud of the work accomplished and the collaboration developed by the teams in the three organizations involved. Our goal is to create value in Quebec, and it is thanks to collaborations like this one that we will achieve it. Together, we will go further

-Dominic Danis, CEO and Co-founder of Moov AI


This tool simplifies menu planning for Mon RICARDO+ subscribers. The integration of artificial intelligence into Mon RICARDO+ allows for personalized recommendations based on subscribers’ browsing profiles and culinary preferences. This enables them to discover recipes that match their tastes and dietary requirements. The personalized recommendations from Mon RICARDO+ are a significant strength for meal planning, continuously refined and improved over time based on subscriber feedback.

With an intuitive interface, users have full control over the AI suggestions while unleashing their culinary creativity.

To learn more about the project

About Moov AI

Moov AI is a consulting firm in data valorization and artificial intelligence. We train our clients, help them find the best opportunities to apply AI, and develop valuable solutions that generate concrete results.

We combine our business acumen and expertise to develop AI solutions that meet the business needs of companies and we provide strategic support to our clients: crafting and implementing your AI adoption and data valorization strategies, defining your roadmap, and accelerating your projects to gain efficiency.

We have extensive experience in retail, large manufacturing, and complex digital products through engagements with companies such as Metro Inc, Pratt & Whitney, Radio-Canada, and the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM).

About Turbulent

Turbulent is a tech workshop whose mission is to help visionary companies unlock the full potential of their audience.

Passionate about technology and creative problem-solving, Turbulent has been creating electrifying products that propel digital ecosystems in the media, entertainment, and education sectors since 2002.


Moov AI
Guillaume Petitclerc
Vice-President, Marketing and Culture

Moov AI and Mila partner to collaborate on the growth and development of artificial intelligence

Montreal, June 21, 2023 –  Moov AI is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Mila – Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute. The aim of this partnership is to create a synergy between the experts at Mila and Moov AI in order to support organizations wishing to adopt robust and reliable artificial intelligence systems. This partnership represents a step forward for Moov AI in its mission to democratize artificial intelligence.

This promising collaboration will foster the development of innovative, high-impact projects based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. By joining forces with Mila’s knowledge and expertise, Moov Ai  has an additional asset with which to accelerate the development of its services.

“By partnering with Mila, Moov AI acquires a partner at the forefront of technological advances related to model development.  Their expertise enables us to invest more effort in the operationalization and adoption of concrete systems,” explains Olivier Blais, VP decision science at Moov AI.

For nearly 5 years, Moov AI has been developing artificial intelligence solutions that meet the business challenges and needs of a large number of enterprises. Its team of experts stands out for its sharp business sense and technical expertise in delivering solutions and generating concrete results. The complementarity of our team and Mila’s will facilitate the adoption of AI in organizations.

This partnership opens up new opportunities for Moov AI, reinforcing its ability to provide innovative, reliable technological solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers.

“We are delighted to begin our collaboration with Moov AI, one of the important organizations within Quebec’s AI ecosystem that share our desire to help companies understand how AI can be responsibly integrated to improve their processes. It was a very natural fit for Mila,” said Stéphane Létourneau, Mila’s Executive Vice-President.

By joining their forces, Moov AI and Mila are set to shape the future of artificial intelligence and have a significant impact on the AI ecosystem.

About Mila

Founded by Professor Yoshua Bengio of the University of Montreal, Mila is an artificial intelligence research institute that brings together over 1,000 researchers specializing in machine learning. Based in Montreal, Mila’s mission is to be a global hub for scientific advances that inspire innovation and development of AI for the benefit of all. Mila is a non-profit organization recognized worldwide for its significant contributions to the field of deep learning, particularly in language modeling, machine translation, object recognition, and generative models.

More details

About Moov AI

Moov AI is a consulting firm in data valorization and artificial intelligence. We train our clients, help them find the best opportunities to apply AI, and develop valuable solutions that generate concrete results.

Moov AI builds and deploys concrete Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions that help clients seize opportunities and tackle core business challenges. We combine business acumen, data, and artificial intelligence to generate results that drive your organization.

Our experts determine the optimal approach and guide our clients throughout the process, regardless of their data science maturity. We work with them to discover the best AI opportunities for their context.

Together, we design AI solutions that propel their efficiency and revenue and mitigate their risk.

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How to fund an artificial intelligence project using grants

Comment financer un projet d'intelligence artificielle

As a Quebec and Canada based business, there are several grant programs that you can tap into to fund your artificial intelligence ambitions and unlock their value for your organization with machine learning.

John Weigelt, National Technology Officer of Microsoft Canada talks about why he believes that technology should be seen as an enabler of better business outcomes. Organizations must foster a culture of innovation and reflect on their responsibilities as a good corporate citizen when rolling out an AI program. Thankfully, there are grants out there to help you out!

Sounds great! What are some of the options? How does one get started?

Antoine Cossé of INVEST-AI and Ina Foalea of Scale AI present their respective programs, their differences and similarities as well as the type of projects funded in the last months.

Webinar Recordings

John Weigelt’s take on innovation, AI and technology

The ultimate AI  grant matrix
The time is now to find the right grant program to finance your AI projects.
Get your copy now

Find out how Invest AI helps Québec companies to power their AI ambitions

Discover how Scale AI accelerates Canada & Québec supply chain AI projects

Discover a business perspective on AI grant landscape – differences & similarities

The objective of this conference is to give you all the information you need to understand where your company fits into these programs, and how your project can be funded.

Grants are non-refundable and can be combined with other programs such as CDAE, SR&ED, and others for a maximum of 70% except for the MEI program, which is 50%.

Funding can be used to pay internal salaries, consulting fees, hardware, and infrastructure costs to support the project (Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, local infrastructure, to name a few).

They can also be used for activities aimed at collecting/centralizing the data needed for the project. There is also the possibility of negotiating credits from technology platform providers such as Microsoft Azure credits.

About the panelists

John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada

John Weigelt National Technology Officer Microsoft Canada

Antoine Cossé, Investment Director, Fonds INVEST-AI d’IVADO Labs

Antoine Cossé, INVEST-AI d'IVADO Labs

Contact Antoine on LinkedIn

Ina Foalea, Investment Director, Scale AI

Ina Foalea, Investment Director, Scale AI

Contact Ina on LinkedIn

Nicholas Morel, Partner, Moov AI

Nicholas Morel, associé chez Moov AI

Contact Nicholas on LinkedIn

Artificial Intelligence for Social Distancing in the Montreal Métro

Les consultants de Moov Ai ont utilisé l’intelligence artificielle pour la distanciation sociale dans le métro de Montréal

Machine learning to facilitate social distancing and minimize the spread of COVID-19 in the Montreal métro.

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) provides 1.3 million trips a day thanks to a 71-km metro network spread over four lines and composed of 68 stations, combined with 225 bus lines.

It employs more than 10,000 people, making it the 15th largest company in Quebec. The STM provides more than 80% of public transit trips in the Montréal area and more than 70% of all trips made in Québec.

Plan du métro de Montréal

As the city’s backbone, the métro is a prevalent means of transportation and is prized by Montrealers… then came the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

The general confinement decreed by the Government of Quebec, combined with the generalized teleworking that followed for many Montrealers, meant that the métro emptied itself of its passengers.

Like many companies, the STM suddenly lost most of its clientele overnight in its bus and métro network. STM had to react quickly to this new reality and deal with new and immensely complex challenges.

It must now ensure compliance with health rules, such as wearing masks and maintaining a two-meter distance between customers in the métro and bus network.

This social distancing is easier to respect when the métro is empty, but how do you deal with these rules when people return to work during a pandemic? How can we gain users’ confidence while providing tools to ensure their safe return in the métro?

Why not predict traffic in train cars using machine learning to allow customers to move to less busy ones?

Supporting the technical team in the development of an artificial intelligence model

The STM called upon Moov AI to assist its team in realizing a machine learning project that would predict traffic in train cars to respect social distancing better and thus minimize the spread of the virus in the metro network.

This project aims to inform customers about the number of passengers on the metro’s orange line train cars. This data will be displayed on the website and the Métrovision screens that display information in the metro stations.

The predicted traffic in each train car is displayed, and passengers can position themselves in front of the right doors and choose the less crowded train cars.

We assisted the STM team in their first AI project by helping them overcome the hurdles to deploy a machine learning solution in a cloud service.

Prédire l'achalandage dans le métro de Montréal avec l'IA

How to calculate traffic

In the solution, the STM used machine learning to predict the number of passengers for each station on the Orange Line, every minute, within a 15-minute horizon.

To build the dataset we needed to make the predictions, the teams used data sources provided by train car telemetry. Azur train cars are equipped with a phenomenal amount of sensors of all kinds that provide data every minute.

The solution will use load sensors that calculate the cars’ weight to evaluate the number of passengers. Logically, a heavier car will have more passengers. This data is very accurate and allowed to reach an adequate margin of error for the first project.

Overcoming the obstacles to putting a first AI project into production

We guided STM’s data scientists and data developers get over the hurdles of deploying the first version of their solution in the cloud. The project was a success, and then some…

Using these learnings, their team deployed a new version of the AI model based on real-time data from the Orange Line cars even better to predict traffic on the metro.

This new AI system is displayed on the screens of your favorite stations on the orange line.

We are proud to have accompanied the STM teams who have restored the confidence of Montrealers using the metro to return to the underground facilities in complete safety.

Democratizing AI in organizations requires, among other things, the empowerment of our clients’ teams.

Moov AI Joins Forces With IVADO to Speed up Innovation in Machine Learning Model Validation

Montréal, July 7, 2020 – Montréal-based firm Moov AI, which specializes in the development of applied machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, and the Institute for data valorization (IVADO) are proud to formalize their partnership to support innovation in the design of concrete AI solutions for business.

This collaboration aligns with IVADO’s mission to bring together industry professionals and academic researchers to develop leading-edge expertise in data science, operations research and AI.

Moov AI has developed versatile validation methods to assess the overall performances of machine learning models. As part of this partnership, Moov AI and IVADO are working on a collaborative research project with Professors Foutse Khomh and Giuliano Antoniol of Polytechnique Montréal to evaluate and refine these model validation methods, ensuring the accuracy of the models implemented in client solutions and confirming their efficiency over time.

The project has also drawn the attention of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). Since model validation and verification must be reflected in the ISO standards that guide best development practices, the scientific validity of the methods is all the more important. The partnership is therefore expected to yield global benefits.

Olivier Blais, cofounder of Moov AI and vice-president of data science, is a member of the SCC committee tasked with defining ISO standards in AI.

About Moov AI

Moov AI builds and deploys concrete artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that help clients seize opportunities and tackle core business challenges. Our experts help organizations leverage these technologies no matter what their level of data science maturity is.

We specialize in quickly delivering value thanks to an agile approach to handling artificial intelligence projects.

Our quest to democratize the use of AI technologies brings us to work with companies of all sizes across many industries. We pride ourselves on simplifying the complicated and bringing long term benefits to each project we undertake.


The Institute for data valorization (IVADO) is a joint initiative of HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and Université de Montréal that brings together more than 140 industrial, academic and government partners. With over 1 450 researchers, IVADO is a multidisciplinary centre of advanced expertise in statistics, artificial intelligence and operations research.

IVADO’s mission is to 1) Contribute to the development of an economic sector in big data processing for decision making; 2) Create privileged partnerships between industry and the administrative, social and academic sectors; 3) Contribute to the advancement of knowledge and train new generations of data scientists; and 4) Foster exchange and knowledge sharing between experts, partners, researchers and students.

IVADO provides a framework for six research centres: Canada Excellence Research Chair in Data Science for Real-Time Decision Making, CIRRELT, CRM, GERAD, Mila and Tech3Lab.


Moov AI
Guillaume Petitclerc
Vice-President, Marketing and Culture

Sandra Estrela
Communications Coordinator

Maxime Boissonneault and Christian Mérat join Moov AI

It is with great pride that we announce today the arrival of Christian Mérat and Maxime Boissonneault as partners at Moov AI.

It’s not every day that we have the privilege of welcoming not one, but two new partners like them into a company!

After having greatly contributed to the growth and success of GSoft, one of Quebec’s flagship tech companies, Maxime and Christian will allow us to take a giant step forward in our efforts to democratize artificial intelligence in Quebec.

Maxime co-founded Moov AI and has been involved as an investor from the very beginning of our project. Going forward, he will be taking on the role of co-CEO alongside Dominic Danis.

Christian will act as Chief Technology Officer and will oversee the development and marketing of our software products.

I asked Christian and Maxime a few questions so that they could introduce themselves and explain to us why they chose to get involved in the field of artificial intelligence with Moov AI.

L'équipe de Moov AI

Why did you decide to join Moov AI?

Maxime: I have the feeling that our world will be greatly impacted by artificial intelligence. Some people see this change as a negative thing, but I like to believe that the impact will be positive since humans will be at the centre of this transformation. Furthermore, I believe that Quebec has an opportunity to take on a leadership role on the world stage.

For this to happen, artificial intelligence must not impoverish or be focused on replacing people, but rather help them to be more efficient and impactful in their roles. I want to contribute, with Moov AI, to this positive revolution that is already underway!

Also, it is a unique pleasure to work with friends whilst contributing to Moov AI’s mission in such an inspiring atmosphere!

Christian: Moov AI is a company that operates in a cutting-edge sector and is made up of people I trust. Evolving and surpassing myself in a respectful stimulating environment is a challenge that motivates me enormously! This is what drove me to join the team!

How does Moov AI’s mission to democratize AI inspire you?

Max: Because we must rapidly promote the use of these technologies across Quebec in order to stay ahead of the wave and strengthen our position within the global market thanks to artificial intelligence.

Quebec is currently known as an important global hub of AI research but we want to enable businesses in Quebec to be known for how they actually leveraged the benefits of applied AI

Chris: I’ve always been a technologist: I believe that technology should be an engine that serves to improve our lives. AI currently shows tremendous potential, but we’ve barely seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of what it has to offer.

The more widespread its use becomes, the more we will be able to derive its value to improve people’s lives.

The killer question: What do you want to accomplish?

Max: 2 things! To help companies become more productive and efficient as well as to contribute to “AI for Good” projects like education or environmental initiatives.

Chris: I think there’s no shortage of technology challenges. I want to surround myself with people who have similar traits to my own: curiosity, a desire to surpass oneself, a desire to improve people’s lives and with them build, in our own way, a piece of this better world

What impact do you think AI can have on businesses in Quebec?

Max: I see AI as an accelerator and a valuable enabler that can propel Quebec’s businesses. Whether it’s to make better decisions, make them faster, automate them, or make great discoveries, machine learning and artificial intelligence will have a major impact on those that leverage it.

Chris: AI is a technology that is still in its infancy and we’re already seeing how it has turned some industries upside down. Getting the most out of this new technology will allow companies to overcome significant challenges and move confidently towards the future.

Quebec is positioning itself to be a dominant AI hub. I believe that the more we are able to improve our approaches and push to make AI accessible and efficient, the more it will be an opportunity to make the entire province of Quebec shine.

Maxime, earlier you mentioned “AI for Good”. If you each had to choose a societal challenge to solve with AI, what would it be and why?

Maxime: I have 2 challenges! * laughs * Education and the environment!

Education, because it’s the foundation of our society. We’ll be able to solve many of the problems we are currently experiencing thanks to a reinvented system of education. We need to revolutionize the way our students learn and, for me, artificial intelligence will be an important vehicle for change in this area.

Secondly, the environment. With the imprint that humans are leaving on the earth today, it is easy to be negative about what the future holds for us. However, much can be done to solve many of the problems and we would love help to solve them.

Chris: AI has the potential to automat certain repetitive tasks. This can result in a welcomed decrease in the labour requirements for sectors that have chronic recruitment needs but are not very popular for a variety of reasons.

Many of these sectors have significant positive impacts on society and improving the cost-effectiveness of these projects would translate into an improved quality of life for all citizens.

One example would be the complete automation of recycling sorting facilities since reducing the cost of recycling and retrieval would greatly benefit society.

Entrepreneur profiles

To help you get even more familiar with these guys, we thought it would be a good idea to also share their biography.

Maxime Boissonneault

Maxime Boissonneault

Maxime is a seasoned entrepreneur. He was a partner at GSoft, one of Quebec’s flagship tech companies for more than 10 years. With customers all over the world, two successful product launches and an in-house product incubator, GSoft achieved great commercial success.

He co-founded Club Social, an alcohol portfolio which includes Portage gin, White Keys vodka, Saint-Marie rum and Les Iles spritz. He also acts as angel investor in several start-ups and Quebec investment funds, notably with Creative Destruction Lab.

A portrait of Maxime would not be complete without mentioning his extensive involvement in several social causes. He sits on the board of multiple non-profit organizations, participates actively in fundraising activities, but above all, he is personally involved with the children at Sainte-Justine Hospital.

As co-CEO of Moov AI, Maxime will share his great expertise and experience in building and growing a successful consulting business. He will be a proud ambassador of our mission to democratize artificial intelligence in Quebec.

Christian Mérat
CTO – Chief Technology Officer

Christian is an accomplished software architect with an impressive track record of creating successful software products. One of GSoft’s first employees, and eventual shareholder, he strongly contributed to the commercial success of the company’s flagship product, Sharegate, thanks to his strategic vision and cutting-edge technological expertise.

Christian knows how to turn a product’s vision into reality. He can overcome any technical obstacle thanks to his innate ability to leverage the right technology to meet business needs.

At Moov AI, he will act as CTO and oversee the development and marketing of our software products. He will also take on a coaching role within the team and share best practices in software engineering and product development.